Bilingual book adventures for kids.

TULINGI publishes bilingual and multicultural books for children. Every book follows an interesting story that teaches kids about different countries, respect and friendship. The books are directed to multicultural families and all families who want to teach their children about the big world and other cultures. Kids who are learning another language can use the books as entertaining learning material. We are a team of creative people who have kids ourselves and create projects that help to make the world a better place.


A funny rhyming coloring story with exciting bonus material

Our brand new bilingual book has been published - just in time for the Easter holidays. "The Easter Egg with the Crack" is an English-German coloring book with a lovely rhyming story about a very unique Easter egg. The book comes with plenty of exciting bonus material such as picture search and word search riddles. If you are still looking for the perfect Easter gift for children - here it is :)

Find out more here and listen to the audiobook!

Kiwi in Lederhosen

Our very first book "Kiwi in Lederhosen" is about a wonderful friendship that has no borders. It covers the country New Zealand and is an English-German book for kids from 2-10 years. The second book "Elephant in a Dirndl" features the country India. This book is about to be finished and will be coming out soon.


More than "just" a book...

TULINGI helps children explore the world, dive into different countries with all their senses and build friendships without borders.

Every TULINGI book comes with 360° learning materials for children about various countries in the world. Bilingual, multicultural, educational and fun.

Each TULINGI book is the heart of every TULINGI country experience. All Add-Ons are equally important and connected with the book.


  1. RESPECTFUL: We treat everyone the same, no matter which country they come from. We respect different cultures and teach our kids to do the same.
  2. INTERNATIONAL: We love to explore the world and get to know as many different cultures as possible.
  3. MULTICULTURAL: Our world is so much better and exciting if there is not only one culture but many different ones. The combination of different cultures, whether it’s families or friends, is exciting and important for our society.
  4. UNIQUE: We don’t do “Out of the Box” books that only provide the obvious. We want to make it special and unique.
  5. CREATIVE: Even though the templates for text and design will be standardized, we still want them to be as creative as possible.
  6. COMMUNICATIVE: Our goal is to help people from all over the world talk to each other and understand each other better.
  7. SUPPORTIVE: We want to give back with what we do and support kids projects in other countries.

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T-Shirts, mugs, baby clothes etc. with the wonderful designs of "Kiwi in Lederhosen"
and "Elephant in a Dirndl"

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